Holy Drops!

Yesterday I started a solo self found, /players 8, Fist of Heavens paladin in offline hardcore mode. Here are the (un)holy drops I got!

The superchest

Not a drop per se, but I got extremely lucky and had a superchest right next to the Rogue Camp exit. I opened it about 20 times and sold all the items I got for gold.

The ultimate weapon

I used the gold to buy this scepter from Akara. The Resist cold aura proved useful in the fight against Duriel.

The (Tarn)helm

Speaking of Duriel, he dropped me my favorite low-level helm with +1 to skills and 45 Magic Find! The MF can roll from 25 to 50, so quite lucky there too! For comparison, a cap socketed 2 Perfect Topaz is 48 MF. And at this point in the game I only have 2 regular topazes or 1/9 of that.

The 10/10 amulet

Rare ring from Andariel

Together with 25 FCR from Stealth armor runeword and an plain 10 FCR ring, I’m above the 48 breakpoint, giving me a cast rate: 11 frames (2.27 casts per second) and 614 DPS at Holy bolt level 24. I’m level 25, so no FoH synergies yet.

Great mercenary armor from … The Countess

The life stolen per hit so early is doing wonders with the survivability of the act 1 and act 2 mercs.

The hot stuff

I misclicked on a chest in Catacombs 4 entree room and boom!

Other stuff

I killed Andariel ~ 30 times, I got Bloodfist, Hsaru’s boots and belt, Arctic Belt, Berserker Helmet x3. A Razortine Trident dropped in act 2 and my Defiance Desert mercenary is using that for now.