Windows Recovery Environment Incorrect Password?

On my Windows 10 Desktop, the Windows Recovery Environment is asking me for a password before launching Command Prompt. So far so good. Then I enter my password, which I know is correct, because I just logged in with it on my Windows 10 Laptop. Password is incorrect. What?!

Solution: Back in Windows, go to Settings > Accounts > Sign-in options > set “Require Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft Accounts” to off.

Bonus: If your Windows Recovery Environment keyboard layout is not what you want, go to Settings > Time & Language > Language > Keyboard (first icon, second row on top) > in the drop down, change “Use language list (recommended)” to the layout you want.

Човекът в Интернет (The online human)

Човекът в Интернет
е хипер-човек.
Чрез hypertext “чете” от
С това едновременно става
част от хипер-аудиторията и

Човекът в Интернет
е кибер-човек.
Живее в постоянна
симбиоза с машината,
разделя с нея задълженията си,
радостите си, паметта си, дори личността си. . .

Човекът в Интернет
е част от цяло,
макар да е в отделно тяло

Човекът в Интернет
е привидно свободен,
и видимо в плен,
на своите лъжи
и на днешния ден.

The online human

The online human
is a hyper-human.
Reading through hypertext
from the hyper-library,
thus simultaneously becoming
part of the hyper-audience
and a hyper-author.

The online human
is a cyber-human.
Living in constant
symbiosis with the machine,
sharing with it their duties,
joys, their memory, even identity…

The online human
is part of whole,
despite the separate body

The online human
is seemingly free,
and obviously a slave,
of their own lies
and the spirit of the age.